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The Fastest-Growing, Non-Venture-Capitalist-Backed Company In The World

ClickFunnels has generated $100,000,000 in sales and currently supports 67,000 customers, making it the fastest-growing, non-VC-backed company in the world. How is this possible? Through the marketing genius of Russell Brunson, and a simple-to-use, all-in-one marketing solution that enables you to set up online sales funnels.

Be Ruthless with Your Mental Shelf Space

Entrepreneurs are known for their brilliance, but often the ideas come so fast they overwhelm your ability to execute. It’s challenging as an entrepreneur to step back and recognize that having too many ideas can be negative, but it’s crucial to be ruthless with your mental shelf space. There is only so much time in a day, and an entrepreneur’s focus needs to be on what will allow them to grow. How does an entrepreneur clear out their mental shelf space? And how does s/he know which ideas deserve space on their mental shelf?

Creating Millionaires With Zero Start-Up Costs

Flipping the traditional business script on its head, ClickFunnels allows individuals to start businesses without capital, venture backers, or MBA degrees. Success through sales funnels, which ClickFunnels popularized, shouldn’t be possible according to the experts, yet there is a movement showing that it’s not only possible, it’s happening every day. In just three years, ClickFunnels has helped more than 370 business owners cross over the $1,000,000 mark, with 23 of them continuing to scale to $10,000,000 and beyond.

The Path to Gold is Paved with Value and Expertise

How does one obtain the gold in business? By not being an expert in their niche, but the expert in their niche. What’s the key to a reputation as the expert? Relentlessly provide value. Whether it’s free value or paid value, always be giving value.

Go Big or Go Home? No! In Business It’s Go Small or Go Home

In order to stand out in business, it’s imperative to go small. Start with a broad culture topic, and then narrow it down to a subculture. Identifying a small subculture allows a prospective business owner to become the expert in their niche and collaborate with others in similar industries. Go small, dominate the subculture, and then get big.

Don’t Be the Justin Bieber of Business

Entrepreneurs must consistently keep learning and growing. Justin Bieber was once the hot trend, the “it” man… but like most trends, his popularity eventually died out. Business is no different. Trends die, but knowledge is here to stay. Business owners must find a way to learn and grow — efficiently and continuously — to stay relevant.

What Does It Mean to Split Test a Team? And Why You Should Be Split Testing Yours.

What kind of players do you have on your business team? Are they the best of the best? Find out by split testing them. Decide on a small project and ask three people to work on the project. Accept only the best. And then do it again. Split test until you have your A player. Do this again and again and you’ll only have A players on your team.

How to Ensure Your Guru-Based Business is a Sellable Asset

ClickFunnels is not a business based on Russell Brunson, but Russell Brunson is its biggest fan. Entrepreneurs should focus on building businesses they can be the biggest fans of, but at the end of the day, founders must remain separate in branding. The core messaging for a business should be separate from its biggest fan, so that the business remains a sellable asset.

The First Law in the Physics of Business

The first law in the physics of business is learning to sell. No matter how a business owner feels about selling, their number one job needs to be selling, until they hit one million dollars in revenue.

The Key to Earning Business? It’s All About The F-Word

Feelings. Earning business is all about great storytelling — the kind that elicits strong feelings. As the millennial king of storytelling, Russell Brunson can discuss the processes and techniques that put prospective customers into the emotional state to take action and start buying.

My Funnel Is Broken!

Is your sales funnel not working the way you’d hoped? Most sales funnels don’t work on the first try, or even the second. Learn how to fix your sales funnel and optimize it, because even the experts don’t nail it right out of the gate. Dave Woodward explains.

The Four Foundations of Funnel Building

Setting up a sales funnel is easy thanks to ClickFunnels, but making it work is a whole other story. Dave Woodward breaks down the four key foundations of funnel building so you can understand not just how to build them, but how to make sure you build profitable ones.

Sales Funnel: Your Yellow-Brick Road

A sales funnel is your yellow-brick road, Dave Woodward explains. It’s the guiding path for people who have no idea who you are, taking them on a journey to discovering you, buying from you, and becoming a loyal fan.
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